Unicum Attitude

It doesn’t matter how simple or complex could be the objectives we set because nothing can be achieved without the right attitude and values. In this section of our website we want to convey some of the values we have based our business career on, and illustrate them with some fables and stories that have accompanied us from the beginning.


The perseverance is an attitude closely linked to effort and self-improvement. For years, we illustrate this value with this simple fable..

Unicum Attitude


Renewal for us is an attitude of constant learning, without which it is very difficult to adapt to the needs and challenges of a world in constant evolution..

Unicum Attitude

Love of detail

A Chinese proverb says that “the wings of a fluttering butterfly can be felt on the other side of the planet.” The smallest things can have a considerable effect.

Unicum Attitude

The man and the well

A man decided to dig a water well on land he owned. He chose a place and he dug a 5 metre hole but he didn’t find any water, so he realised it was not the right place to dig.

He chose another place and this time he dug a bit deeper, down to 7 metres, but he didn’t find any water either, so he tried a third time in another place and dug deeper; but when he dug for 10 metres and realised there was no water on his land, he decided to sell the land.

One day he went to visit the man who bought the land and he found a beautiful water well.

“My friend, you had to dig so much to find water, I remember I dug more than 20 metres and I didn’t find any”, said the man who used to own the land.

“Not really”, answered the new owner, “I only dug 12 meters myself, but dug 12 metres in the same place”.

The Eagle

Of all birds, the eagle enjoys the greatest longevity. It makes it to the age of 70!

But in order to do so, at age 40 it has to make a tough decision. Its curved, flexible talons cannot grasp the animals on which it preys. Its elongated, sharp-pointed beak also starts to curve downwards towards its breast. Its wings grow heavy with age and its feathers lose their sleekness.

Flying is now very hard!

So the eagle has only two choices: to die or… to undergo a painful renewal process that will take 150 days.

This process consists of flying to the top of a mountain and ensconcing itself in a nest near a rock wall, where it will have no need to fly. No sooner has the eagle found a suitable spot than it begins striking its beak against the rock wall until it manages to sever it from its head. That done, it must wait until its beak grows back, since it will need it to remove its old talons. Once the talons have grown back, it plucks out its old feathers.

Following a five-month retreat, it emerges triumphantly for its celebrated renewal flight, having won itself… another 30 years of life!

Sometimes we wonder: Why should we renew ourselves?

In our lives it’s quite common for us to have to retreat into a safe place and begin a renewal process. In order to make our victory flight, we have to shake off old, worn-out habits that bind us to the past.

Only when we’re free from the weight of the past can we reap the rewards of a RENEWAL.

Attitude matters

A senior executive of a US IT company was on a business trip in Tokyo, and despite his position, he was a very humble man and shared all his successes with his employees. His meetings, went to a mall to buy chocolates and gifts for his employees in his country.

Upon entering the mall, a lady and a gentleman gave him a warm smile and welcomed him; This touched him a lot and he felt good, not being able to forget the warmth in his smile. He looked at them while shopping; They gave the same smile to all the customers who entered the mall.

The executive began to wonder if they would ever feel tired of doing the same thing over and over again, so he headed toward them and asked them,

–My dear couple, are not you tired of doing this work and how much Have they been doing it?

The couple smiled and said:

No, sir, we’ve been working here for the past 10 years and we like our work.

The executive was amazed at the answer and asked again:

–How come they have been doing this for 10 years and why do they like their work?

The lady smiled again and said:

–Lord, it’s because I serve my country.

The answer seemed a bit amusing to the executive and said:

–Do you serve your country with a smile?

The lady said:

–Yes, sir, I smile and all the customers who come to the mall feel happy and relaxed. They buy more, my boss is happy and he pays me more. And since he pays me more, I can better serve my family. And since I can better serve my family, they are happy. When customers buy us, demand for products increases, and in doing so, there are more factories. And when there are more factories, there are more jobs. And when there are more jobs, the people in the country are happy. As most of our clients are foreigners, there is currency inflow, and as there is foreign exchange, our country has a lot of money and it gets richer every day. People like you, who like our service, visit our country more often, will tell their family and friends. Thus, my country gets more visitors, more money, more jobs and more happy people. That’s how I serve my country.

Learned with his attitude, the executive thanked him and returned to his country with the aim of doing everything necessary to succeed in replicating that attitude among all his employees.